We are 100% U.S. Based.

Audio Transcription Services provides top-notch transcription services at affordable prices. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Audio Transcription Services does not outsource its transcriptions to foreign countries like India. All of our transcriptions are done right here in the United States. There are two basic reasons for this: Quality, and Confidentiality.

1. Confidentiality: Third world countries such as India and the Phillipines do not have confidentiality laws that are enforced as well as they are here in the United States. Even if a transcriptionist located in India signs non-disclosure agreements, disclosing your private information to the public exposes them to little liability or criminal prosecution. Therefore, we do not recommend hiring a transcription agency that outsources its jobs to foreign countries, and we do all of our transcriptions here in the U.S.A.

2. Quality: Foreign transcriptionists who do not speak English as a native language are likely to not understand or to misunderstand many language phrases, such as slangs and abbreviations. In order to have the most accurate transcriptions, we employ only transcriptionists based in the United States.

How to send your files: Sending your files is easy. Simply upload them to our secure website, email them, or send them through a file sending service, such as Yousendit.