Audio Transcription Sevices is a provider of top-notch transcription services. Audio Transcription Services is the number one company for its transcribing services, its affordable prices, and its timeliness. Our experience in this field enables us to understand clients' requirements and offer quality transcripts.

Follow these steps for affordable transcription Services

Transcription Services for Digital Media

  • Clients who have their media in digital format can easily transfer their files over to us by using a file hosting service such as YouSendit, or Sendspace. Upload your files and simply provide us with the download link.
  • It is also possible to send digital files as by email.
  • A third way of sending files is by uploading them to our secure servers.
Once files are successfully sent, you will be notified that our transcriptionists have received your files and started working on them.

Transcription Services for Non-Digital Media

Physical media such as standard cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs can be sent through the mail.
Once your materials have been received, you will receive a notification.
How to send non-digital media

Conversion of Non-Digital to Digital Media

We can convert non-digital media such as cassette tapes and VHS tapes to digital format.
Converting to digital format offers many advantages: digital media are more portable, and they have a smaller risk of getting lost.