Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription services must be executed to the highest degree of accuracy. Sicne a single word can change the outcome of a case, it is important for the legal transcriptionists to be trained and tested in their fields. Our team of legal transcriptionists and proofreader are familiar with legal terminology and have years and years of experience transcibing audio related to courts, depositions, litigation, trial tapes, wire taps, court hearings, disciplinary hearings, wills, probate forms, contracts, and PACE tapes.

In order to deliver the highest quality of a transcription, Audio Transcription Services subjects every transcript to a three step quality assurance process.
1. Each audio recording is transcribed by a professional, legal transcriptionist
2. Each tape transcription is re-verified and proofread
3. In the rare event of mistakes, transcriptionists or proofreaders make corrections.

These quality assurance control procedures  have made us the number one transcription company.

Additional advantages of using our legal depositions transcription services are our quick turn around times. While our competitors may take up to a week to submit a one page transcript, Audio Transcription usually delivers high quality legal court tape transcriptions in less than 24 hours. Transcripts can be time coded according to your specifications

Audio/Video in foreign languages can be translated if requested. Languages we translate include Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, German, Dutch, Greek, Korean Farsi, and Vietnamese.

Sending your audio files is easy. If your audio is in digital format, you can easily upload them to our secure servers. You can also send files as email attachments.
If your audio is in non-digital format, you can send them by mail, or hand deliver them to our corporate office in Los Angeles.