Audio Transcription Services

At Audio Transcription, we believe the importance of an accurate and reliable transcription cannot be overstated. Whether it is a legal transcription for a deposition, or a medical transcription for a patient, or a general business transcription, transcriptions must be performed at the highest degree of care and accuracy. That is why we specialize in our field - our professional transcriptionists deliver the highest quality of work.

Our transcriptionists have years of experience transcribing in their own area of speciality. A transcriptionist who transcribes legal depositions and a transcriptionist who transcribes medical reports apply different bodies of knowledge and different skills to deliver their transcriptions. That is why we make sure that the transcriptionist that will execute your project will be well-versed.

We are US based. We are located in Los Angeles, CA. We are always one phone call away, in case you need to reach us. We will communicate with you the progress of your project every step of the way.

Since we are located in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and all of our transcriptions take place right here in the US. We do not send your files to third world countries where there are no regards for quality or privacy.

Audio Transcription Services provides transcribing services in several major areas such as:

Legal Transcription Services
Legal transcription services include transcription for court proceedings, hearings, and depositions.

Interview Transcription Services
An interview is one person interviewing another person, or one person interviewing two or more people.

Medical Transcription Services
Medical transcription services include transcription for office visits, radiology reports, and general patient diagnosis reports.

Meeting Transcription Services
Meetings are places where people meet to discuss or reach a common goal. Transcriptions of meetings can help the participants record and remember the conversations.

Phone/Conference Calls Transcription
Audio from a telephone conversation can be transcribed. Can be digital or non-digital.

Lecture and Speech Transcription
A lecture or speech can be transcribed to record and remind the audience what happened.

Focus Groups Transcription
For these transcriptions, we recommend a video transcription in order to increase the quality of the transcriptions. In videos, it is much easier to point out and identify the speakers.

Seminars Transcription
We offer transcription services for seminars and panel discussions.

Academic Transcription Services
Academic transcriptions include transcribing academic lectures and seminars for students, books, and dissertations.

Business Transcription Services
This covers a wide range of services, including business meetings, seminars, and recorded talks.

Deposition Transcription Services
Legal transcriptions of depositions, in deposition format.

Video Transcription Services
The audio steaming from a video can be transcribed like any other audio. Videos are usually more convenient to transcribe because it is easier to identify who is speaking.

Podcast Transcription Services
We transcribe podcasts, and online streams of video and audio.